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Flashback: Socially Distanced on Land & in the Air! Rocking to new heights!

aXis Pro Events: SL100 Stageline Mobile Stage Rental

One of the more visually stimulating moments of 2020 from the Stage, arrived by land and by air, as aXisPro Events was requested to support Inaugural Up Up & Away Hot Air Balloon Festival at Sun n' Fun in Lakeland this past February with the Stageline SL100 for the . Creating a new tradition, that might have offered some foresight to the potential of socially distanced events, thousands spread out over the Sun n' Fun airfield for the percussive jams of Rico Monaco w/ Tito Puente Jr. each of the three nights, and Otown's own Audio Exchange warming up the chilly crowd. Dawn and dusk offered a visual extravaganza to coincide with the live tunes coming from the co-sponsored Yuengling / Corona stage, with balloons aloft early and late, followed by the Glow Hour each night. Looking forward to the return of Up Up & Away in February 2021...

More info at a great excuse to bring a lawn chair and spread out and look to the sky for brighter days!

For great live tunes... check out Rico Monaco at and Audio Exchange at


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