How to STAGE... Sporting Events

Stage... Sound... Lights...Action! Behind the scenes at some of Florida's top sporting events.

From the Orlando Magic's Playoff Block Parties to the Florida Gator's 2019 Season Kickoff Rally to UCF's 2017 National Championship Celebration, the aXisPro Events Stage, Audio and Lighting team has been in the middle of the controlled chaos before, during and after the kickoff, tipoff or first pitch, lighting up streets, fields and City blocks in the name of the game! We love sports almost as much as we love music, but unfortunately when our two passions collide, they tend to create lots of confetti... and we hate to clean up confetti!

On a more serious, yet fun note, tackling the topic of Sports & Entertainment Management, we take pride in having a two decade history of being in the trenches with some of Florida's most heralded sports franchises and programs. As the preferred Stage & Audio company of the Orlando Magic, Orlando City Soccer, UCF Athletics, USF Athletics and UF Alumni Association here in the Central Florida area, we have had the privilege of being associated with many historic moments. Here's a few of the more memorable events team aXisPro assisted in activating throughout Central Florida's top venues and facilities.

Orlando Magic Playoff Fanfest • April 2019 • Magic vs Toronto Raptors • Stageline SL100

The aXisPro Stageline SL100 rocked Church Street outside Amway Centre for the 2019 Playoff Fanfests!

As the Orlando Magic Stage & Production team for the 2018 and 2019 Pregame Fanfests, we had the opportunity to work through many of the nuances of a flash activation on a busy Downtown thoroughfare. Church Street is well known for being one of the busier cross streets in Downtown Orlando on normal business days, but on Game Days it tends to be the center of all things chaos. With the standard tipoff at about 7pm, and rush hour clocking in right around that 4:40-5:30pm window, there isn't much time to close off the block, erect a stage, soundcheck the DJ and/or band, and be ready for the influx of thousands of the Black & Blue faithful. Live Entertainment Specialist Norman Shea and his crew have it down to a science. The Block Parties are reserved for some of the top visiting teams, and when the Lakers, Warriors, Celtics hit town, so do the big pregame crowds. Norman has requested the MAP24 Marshall Austin Mobile Stage for these match ups, as it allows for more flexibility in the different locations on the East and West sides of Church Street. It also allows for an emergency lane on both sides of the stage, keeping with code for a major sporting event.

The aXisPro MAP24 Mobile Stage & Sound are a great fit for Orlando Magic pregame Fanfests at Amway Centre.

When doing a full band on weekend games, the West side of the street facing east toward Downtown has always proved more hospitable for the louder groups onstage and larger gatherings offstage. It also steers the crowd toward the refreshment areas for the extended pregame festivities. For the week night match ups, the East side facing the box office usually provides a more efficient set up, with a DJ and MC onstage, moving the crowd toward the entrance with consideration for the more limited pregame timeline. This was the scenario we assisted the Chabbad of Orlando with for Jewish Heritage Night, featuring Nosson Zand performing a full concert on the aXisPro Stage.

The Orlando Magic 2019 Playoff Fanfest welcomed thousands to the pregame party in front of the aXisPro Stage!

After two years of rocking Church Street for the Magic Fanfests, and being fans since the early days in 1989(full disclosure, one of aXisPro Events founders/owners interned in the Media Relations Dept under Alex Martins during the Shaq/Penny era), we were pumped when the team drew the #7 seed for the playoffs, and welcomed the Toronto Raptors to town. Mother Nature wasn't as supportive though, with the opening game Fanfest being called due to impending tornado like winds. Our next Home Game fell on a sunny Easter Sunday, with the Magic fanbase fired up down 2 games to 1 and a chance to hold court. Norman invested in the full SL100 Stageline Scrim Package, expanding the stage facade out 6ft in each direction and up 4ft with Blue/White and Budweiser igniting the street. We added a 9w x 6h LED wall to the backdrop for the Outdoor Viewing Party following tip off, with the Magic tech team adding animated visuals and sponsor mentions throughout the Block party. The DJ, dancers and Hype team got the crowd going early and kept them fired up throughout the afternoon for one of the largest Magic block parties since the mid 90s!

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