Festival Season kicked off w/ 'Endless Summer Nights' Drive-In Rave

Updated: Jan 24

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Or should we say The Festival of the Season kicked off! The aXisPro Events team was called on to assist with the first true Drive In EDM Festival of the Covid-19 era in Florida, with a two day, 80 car, 650 person socially-distanced indulgence of lights, bass and more bass! As has been the case this past summer and early Fall, Ace Cafe in Downtown Orlando has become an all purpose live entertainment complex, with The Backyard hosting a variety of events, while the sprawling parking lot has become the Drive In Concert venue of choice.

Endless Summer Nights • Ace Downtown Orlando • October 2020 • aXisPro SL100 w/ LED Trailers

Jonathan Taylor of Primal Productions & Management had a vision, gathering together his team of veteran EDM enthusiasts, along with Rage Cage Entertainment, to develop a festive concept for the Ace Cafe space. The line up included Primal and Rage Cage artists from around the country, along with international headliners... Opening night on Saturday, Oct 17th featured Virtual Riot, Modestep and Bandlez w/ Oreoku, Dr. Ops, Suffocate B2B SVSPKT, Jaysyx, Autokorekt B2B Foreign Twins, with round two on Sunday, Oct 18th bringing in an early crowd featuring Champagne Drip, Schlump and SFAM w/ Daze Off, Oso, Ziore, Khpri, DMT! B2B Hurting Murphy, Louder Space, Brewzr, Blurrd VZN and Wreckno.

Endless Summer Nights • Ace Downtown Orlando • October 2020 • aXisPro SL100

The aXisPro team jumped in the trenches and assisted the Primal squad with developing the schematic, along with trouble shooting some of the onsite nuances of a Downtown Orlando outdoor venue. The parking lot was turned into a 10 vehicle wide, 8 row deep, Drive In seating, with a minimum of and up to 5 attendees per car. Each car was given a space including 3 ft in front and behind and 8 feet between with barricades. Additional spaces were used for VIP tents throughout the property, along with the second level balcony and patio serving as extended VIP, all not needing a car for entry.

Endless Summer Nights • Ace Downtown Orlando • October 2020 • aXisPro SL100

They requested a broad visual to accommodate the wide space, that forced the viewers to spread out, unlike a normal concert field, where everyone can bum rush the front. So rather than limit the span and fly LED panels on each of the Stageline SL100 wings, along with the usual panels across the back, we suggested utilizing OPAV's extremely efficient, and intensely vivid 14x8 5mm LED trailers. Brandon and crew rolled in three of the trailers, which elevate to 7.5ft from the bottom to a height of 15.5 across the top. This allowed for the screen just behind the stage to sit about desk height, while the side screens sat flush with the line array at the front of the stage. This offered a direct sightline for all rows of cars, with an almost perfect level for those sitting on hoods and tailgates. Adding in the final detail, OPAV brought out the half moon LED DJ Desk, that literally created a wall of light across the SL100, while melding the performers into dark silhouettes on an ocean of visuals, illustrated with wizardry by VJ Cameron McClung, house VJ for Gilt Nightclub and touring visuals for Dion Timmer..

Endless Summer Nights • Ace Downtown Orlando • October 2020 • aXisPro SL100 w/ Allied Lighting

With such an expansive venue to cover, and the request to blind the masked ravers and make windshields rattle, we called on our brothers at Allied Audio & Lighting to supplement the aXisPro low end and light up the block. Dale and Jeff, brought the thunder and lightning for the weekend! Allied positioned a dozen EAW SB1000 dual 18's in a center cluster, as we added a complimentary pair of QSC GP218-sw dual 18's under each side LED screen. DJ Mynd shredded the night sky with a splay of K10 Bee Eye's, 200w LED Spots, Sharpy Beam's and more creating a synergy with the LED screens that melted many an Instagram and Tik Tok feed.

Endless Summer Nights • Ace Downtown Orlando • October 2020 • aXisPro SL100 w/ OPAV LED Trailers

The sold-out crowd didn't mind when the skies opened up on Saturday night, creating even more of a visual explosion across the facade of Otown's skyline. Sunday produced even more of a wet and wild fiesta of foundation bumping bass and mind melting lighting. Primal's vision became a reality, and the social feeds are testament to the grateful EDM scene, that needed someone to step up and break the ice, and officially kick off the Festival Season in the Covid era. Look for more events produced by the same team at Ace Cafe in the near future.

Endless Summer Nights • Ace Downtown Orlando • October 2020 • aXisPro SL100 w/ Allied Lighting

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