MAP24: 24x16

Factory certified Marshall Austin MAP24 mobile stage with roof/stair/rail system, is our most turnkey mobile unit show ready within 60 minutes of arrival.

SL100: 24x20

Factory certified Stageline SL100 with roof/dual stair/rail system provides a dynamic display with a footprint expandable to 32x20 for festival style performances.

SL250: 32x24

Factory certified Stageline SL250 with roof/dual stair/rail system offers an expandable platform for larger national touring acts and major festivals.



Interior Audio

Our Audio Tech specialists will design a sound schematic catering from clubs to auditoriums to conference centers with clarity and client convenience in mind.

Outdoor Audio

The aXis Pro team boasts more than a decade long relationship manning the boards at regional Jazz, Holiday and Music Festivals for every major community in the Central Florida area.

Artist Backline

You call us, then we call the artists, to ensure that their backline and onstage requirements are the first class gear available and prepped for soundcheck upon arrival.



Thematic Accents

The aXis Pro lighting team will cater the performance area to your vision creating a visual atmosphere that excites the crowd and your budget's bottom line.

Outdoor Festivals

Our Lighting Tech specialists take pride in creating your vision via a high tech illuminating experience for event attendees and all those ensuing instagram photos!

LED Illuminations

The LED experience is becoming more efficient as it is exhilarating from high intensity DJ performances to big game clarity for outdoor viewing parties

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